5 Fastest Info Product Creation Ideas

If you’re in the information marketing business, then it’s likely you’ll be coming up with lots of products over the years that you engage in this business. More likely than not your first product is going to take quite some time to do. That seems it be the case for just about everyone. My first product took about six months. I have some friends that took over two years to get their product released, and it finally just happened.

But as you continue in this business and create more products you’ll find you become faster and faster. Still there are some shortcuts you can take to speed up this process no matter if you’re starting out or a seasoned pro. This article will introduce you to five fast info product creation ideas that you can start putting into use right away.


I like video for several reasons. One of which is that video has a higher perceived value than books do in many cases. This is also because a large portion of the population is visually oriented, partially because they’re trained by their TV’s, YouTube and movies to enjoy watching something on the screen.

Video is also easy to put together. The way I like to do it is mind map the topic you’d like to film on. If you’re an expert in the subject then by doing this process you’ll have your complete outline. Then you shoot the video. Depending on your expertise you may need to do lots of takes, or you may be able to get through it with minimal editing, or even just one single take. As I mentioned before the more you do this the better you’ll get at it.

By presenting in this way, and by that I mean a live action video were you’re on it, you can quickly put together high-quality video with great information.


You don’t need expensive equipment or a film crew to do video these days.


A workshop can be an extension of the video model already discussed. Probably the greatest factor about this product creation idea, is that you can get paid to create the product. You sell the workshop in which you’re going to present great information and people sign up. Then when you put on the workshop you have the cameras rolling. That video is taken and put together in some format to create a product.

Another advantage of this is because workshops tend to be at the very least a half day, but often go into multiple days, you’re putting together a larger product. If each DVD is an hour-long after a weekend course you can often have somewhere between 12 and 18 DVDs. This means it’s going to be a higher priced and higher valued course.

In fact, I’m doing just that this weekend. I’m putting on the Wizards of Strength workshop. In this a few friends of mine/co-presenters and I are discussing the topic of strength training and fitness, with a large part of it being on the mental and energetic side of that training. It should be a great time.

Once the workshop is done we then have a decision to make. On the one hand we may just sell the workshop as is the complete set. For this workshop I think this may be the best way to deliver it. Or what we can do, and this is something we’ve done in our previous workshops, is to then split up the workshop segments into different products. At this point I’m not sure which direction we will take, but either way were going to make much more money from the video of this workshop then we made on the front-end filling it up with people.

For these reasons this is probably my most favorite product creation idea available. Anytime you can get paid to create something you’ll then sell, you should be happy about it.

Business Workshop Pic

My first business workshop, which I filmed and turned into a product.


Interviews are one the easiest ways to take the expert knowledge of one person and put it out there. The problem today, is that with all the podcasts and other free interviews available, it’s become harder to sell these, at least as a standalone product.

One model that is still successful is the Tele-summit model. In this usually somewhere between 10 and 20 experts are brought on during a period of around a week, to talk about one specific subject. Each expert talks about one specific aspect of the subject or his or her own take on it. Usually people are allowed to listen to these calls for free, or even the replays for a limited time. But if they want the MP3s or CDs of the entire summit usually they can get it for a fee. Because people are busy, if they want the information enough they’ll pay this fee. And sometimes other bonuses are stacked on like the transcripts of these interviews.

Another way to make interviews work is to have someone interview you. You can even write out the questions for them to ask of you. But with this it’s easier to speak than the talk for most people. And if you record six hours you can then have a six CD course (or MP3’s). If it’s great information people will pay for it.

Most interviews aren’t even done in person anymore. There are plenty of great online services to record over the phone or web.


This is related to the interview model but it is done completely by yourself. You can record yourself on a voice recorder or software on your computer, and then send it to a transcriptionist.

Another method is to get something along the lines of Dragon Naturally Speaking which automatically transcribes everything that you speak into it. In fact, I’m using that software which I just recently purchased, to do this article for you here. I also used this a few days ago to record a new book for release on Kindle. I was able to get through the book quicker than I would have typing it from scratch.

If you speak better than you write, or you just hate staring at a blank screen of white paper, then I recommend you give this option a try. There’s a learning curve to it, but I feel like this will be a key to speeding up my productivity in the long term.

Other People’s Products

While this isn’t actually a product creation idea, it may help you to think outside the box. Most likely in your nets, there are many other people with great products. Why go through the trouble of creating your own, when you can just offer theirs. This can be set up as a joint venture, or even just with affiliate sales. The end result of an offer that you make money on is the same whether it’s your own product or another person’s product. Of course that’s assuming you get the same profit or commission out of it, and not counting things like customer support or building a list or other important stuff like that.

Another way you can use other people’s products are as a model for your own. I’m not saying that you should steal their ideas, and definitely not to plagiarize their exact words. But if you look at one or more products of other people in the market you may use this as an outline for your own. You can also add other things like what did they miss? What are they wrong about? What connections from other related areas can you bring to this topic? By going through this process you can often put together a superior product.

Public Domain

I’ve written about public domain previously on this website. The truth is this is probably the fastest product creation method available. Why is that? Because the product is already 100% done. You can use it as is if you choose.

You can also edit make changes or derivative works from this product. Even though this may take time, because most of the work is already done, it’s still much faster then beginning from scratch. If you want more ideas on public domain click here.

Public Domain Book

Some little modifications (like new artwork) but a great book done and selling.

So there you have it, five fast info product creation ideas. And since there is multiple ideas and some of those, you certainly have more than five. Start putting these into action, and your online info business will grow faster and faster.

If you’d like help putting together any of these methods and a whole bunch more than be sure to check out my business coaching options available here.

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