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How I Increased My Productivity by At Least 70% Part 2

For years now I’ve used a Planner Pad. A large majority of the people I end up telling about it, end up buying their own. It’s a great tool and I would be lost without it.

The great thing about the Planner Pad that sets it apart from most planners is in its structure. You see most planners are based around the hours of the day. The planner pad has that as well, but that is just one of three sections.

planner pad

The top section is for your projects in the week. The middle section is the projects for you day.

Each week I fill out all my projects so I know what I’m doing during the week. I fill in any time based appointments I have as well. Then each day, the night before I schedule out my day.

Like I said I’ve been doing this for years. This made me productive but its not the big change I recently made.

The big change was to stop thinking in terms of projects and to begin thinking in terms of activities.

With a project like launching a course there are going to be lots of things you need to do. Let’s say it’s a video and written course. Here are some of the activities involved.

  • Outline project
  • Write material
  • Film video
  • Edit video
  • Get artwork made up
  • Write sales letter
  • Create web page and setup order links
  • Promotional emails
  • Create download links
  • Create physical product

I probably missed a couple steps (and could break those down into more steps too) but that will give you an idea.

Earlier I would write a project at the top of my planner pad and list those things. Then I would try to focus on a project each day. It worked to some degree.

But now I switched to activity focus. Right now my activities fit into the following categories.

  • Writing
  • Video production
  • Advertising
  • Operations (a catch-all category for everything else)

I’ve been working and tweaking these over the past couple weeks but this is basically what its come down too.

Then I take all my projects and break up the steps into these categories.

  • Outline project (writing)
  • Write material (writing)
  • Film video (video)
  • Edit video (video)
  • Get artwork made up (operations – outsourced)
  • Write sales letter (writing)
  • Create web page and setup order links (operations)
  • Writing promotional emails (writing)
  • Setting up promo emails to go out (operations)
  • Create download links (operations)
  • Create physical product (operations)

So you can see how I break up my time. You’ll notice that none of these fall into advertising. That was another Frog that I tended not to eat, always putting it off, as I focused on these other projects. But since making this switch I’ve regularly been running ads, testing and tweaking pages for conversions, etc.

There is a time to go Demon State and do a project from start to finish all at once. I can always choose that as an option when needed or in an emergency arises.

But by organizing my time into activities I am getting far more done. This is because I know the activity to do, and there is much less of “should I do this or that”. Writing starts my day followed by working on advertising. Then I usually workout and do video and operations after that.

Give this method a try and let me know how it goes for you.

Also let me know if you’d like to hear more of the steps and details I use to be productive. If you do I’ll create more articles for you.

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9 Reasons to Use Youtube for Traffic Generation

If you’re looking for free traffic than look no further than Youtube. This is one of my favorite ways to get traffic. It also happens to be one of the easiest.


1. Second biggest search engine in the world.

You have people that go directly to youtube to search for information. Are they finding you? Everything from infomarketers to local business and much more can be on here. Further youtube videos show up in other search engines like Google and Bing.

There are over 4 billion videos viewed daily. Are you getting your piece of this pie? That’s almost one video per person on the earth.

2. SEO is Hard (But not for videos)

Trying to optimize for search engines is hard. And Google keeps making it tougher. Expect to lay out hundreds to thousands of dollars per month if you want other people to do it for you. And even then you’ll probably lose any rankings you gain with the next algorithm change.

But using youtube videos you can become ranked and get traffic much better. It is WAY easier to get a youtube video ranked for a keyword than for a post on your site. Going for local traffic? It’s even easier.

You need to know the right things to do which you can find out more about here. And if you do these its actually pretty easy (since most of your competition is clueless about it).

3. It’s Free!

Youtube costs you nothing to use. Everyone has a camera these days. You don’t need a fancy studio or professional editing. Sure that stuff is great if you have it. But you can get started today.

It’s hard to beat free traffic that turns into customers, especially when it continues to come in from a video you made several years ago.

4. You Can Point Traffic to Your Site

You can tell people where to go in your videos. You can have watermarks with your URL. You can include not one but as many clickable links in your description as you want.

If you know how you can even create clickable links on the video itself.

5. Sell Directly from Youtube

This was discussed recently in my interview with Professor Paul. You could actually sell products and services directly from Youtube.

Or affiliate programs. I created a few videos in a small niche for fun which have brought in hundreds of dollars and continue to sell.

6. Free Video Hosting

Did you know you can make your videos unlisted so that people can’t find them. Then you can use these videos even for paid products so you won’t have to pay to have them hosted anywhere.

7. You Can Build a List

Email list are still the best way to make money online in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean other lists don’t work well either. You can build a subscriber list on Youtube that can be emailed anytime you upload a new video.

8. Viral Traffic

Youtube videos can go viral. Even if you don’t have the next Gangnam Style, your video will be should in related videos, can be spread on social media and much more. Just by having it up there, other people can embed it on their websites.

9. Monetization

Besides selling your own products and services, if you have a popular channel, you can make big money just off of advertising running on your videos.

I’ve heard of one guy that makes multiple five figure amounts from his popular Youtube channel.

As of this writing I have 468 videos on my main channel. These have generated 2473 subscribers and 1479385 views.

You may be thinking I could never create that many videos. First off, that is years of doing this. Secondly, you don’t need that many.

A single well targeted video could bring in tons of traffic if you follow the right steps.

I highly recommend you check out this free training on Youtube for more information.

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Scarcity Samurai Review

Here is my Scarcity Samurai Review. I was lucky enough to get into it a beta-tester. Right away I installed it and set it up.

If you’ve been watching my other sites you may have even seen it in action. I quickly threw it on the site for his new Isometric videos and the mini-launch we were doing.

There was always a deadline, but a little bit of text near the end of the sales message didn’t properly convey that message.

Once Scarcity Samurai was setup, no matter where they were on the page, they new time was limited.

(I will say this which could be a drawback. On mobile devices the banner is still there, and it took up almost half the screen in my iphone. But I could see this actually helping if you made the banner clickable, which you can.)

You’ll notice that on their sales page. The add to cart button has been added to the banner and by clicking on it you’ll go straight to the order form.

Scarcity Banner

Back to this launch I was running. Deadlines always get people to move. The more reminders you have the better.

Sales continued to pour in every single day right up to the last hour.

So that was great. Put that’s not the true power of Scarcity Samurai. Countdown timers on launches have been done before right?

But what if you can take your offer and make it scarce and evergreen at the same time? That is what this plugin was built for.

Scarcity Samurai Dashboard

Inside the Scarcity Samurai Dashboard where you can setup a single page or multi-page funnel.

I had an idea for a self-liquidating offer that I’m going to be running advertising to, allowing people to get one of my better selling products at an even cheaper price.

With Scarcity Samurai I can do just that, and make it a truly limited time deal.

(Funny story. I was trying to show what it looked like to some of my mastermind buddies but I couldn’t get to the page it was on, since the time had ran out and it  automatically re-directed me just like I had set it up to do. I had to find a work-around to show them on a different page as I couldn’t access that page again at all since time had expired.)

I won’t tell you what this site is right now. Perhaps I’ll reveal it after testing it out for awhile.

But I will give you an idea of the funnel.

Advertising => Squeeze page => Offer page with Scarcity Samurai => Autoresponder messages with content pointing them back to Offer page

That simple and really easy to setup using Optimize Press and this new plugin.

I hope you enjoyed an overview of how I’ve already been using this great new tool in just a short time. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about it in the future so do yourself a favor and pick it up now at the discounted one-time price.

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3 Important Social Media Tactics

Facebook Like BoxI resisted it for a long, long time…social media.

I still am not a huge fan, nor a social media expert, but I’m starting to see some results from it.

A couple years back I created a facebook account and twitter just to have them, though I never really used them. But this year I’ve been working to see some real results from Facebook and I want to share three important ideas and tactics I’ve learned along the way.

Important Social Media Point #1

This is BIG. Instead of being spread out on fifty social media sites (Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and hundreds more I can’t even name) I’ve chosen to do just one…and do it well.

By focusing on one I can start to get some great results there. When that is doing very well, I may choose to move onto the next thing.

Now if social media is your thing, and for some people it is, like Gary Vaynerchuk, then feel free to go all out. But if you’re like me I’d suggest mastering one media at a time.

Facebook is huge and a dominant player so I figured that was a good place to start.

Important Social Media Point #2

The second point is to integrate with your main media.

My websites starting being based in html and with email newsletters. Then they transferred to the blog format I use today. That’s still how my business is run for the most part.

I’m not going to abandon my sites and just base what I do off Facebook. Instead I want to integrate the two.

There are many ways you can do this. From like buttons to facebook commenting.

In this video I show you how to put up a Facebook Social Widget so your blog is always connected to your facebook profile or page.

There are many other ways you can integrate as well like including a link to your social media sites in your emails and more.

Important Social Media Point #3

Now the truth is I do have twitter and regular updates go out on that, but I never touch it. How is that?


My facebook updates go out on twitter automatically. This is actually very easy to setup within your facebook and twitter accounts.

The same can be done with most other social media too.

It can also be run the other way where your twitter goes to facebook. Some people like this option more.

Now there are those that say twitter and facebook have different languages (things like #hashtags and of course the 140 character limit on twitter change how you communicate, compared to facebook).

Once again if you want to do it all, then do them individually. But if you want to make your life easier, choose one platform and cross-publish automatically.

You’ll also see every blog post go out immediately to Facebook and then from there to twitter.

What’s Next?

As I mentioned I’m working a lot more with Facebook then I’ve mentioned right here.

There’s a lot more you need to do to grow real fans like being interactive and publishing more then your automatic content.

But these three points will give you a good base.

I’m starting to test out much more, and seeing what gets results and what does not.

There’s lots of incredible things you can do like targeted ads with Facebook. You do those right and you can watch you likes and even sales skyrocket.

Also with the search engines giving so much weight to social media links these days, and probably even more in the future, if I want to stay in that game I need to join this one.

I’ll be sharing more on this in the future. And won’t you do me a favor and like my page over in the new box if you haven’t already? 🙂

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Online Product Surveys

check for surveysIn this article I want to give you the best ideas on online product surveys, that is how to collect data from people, that you can then turn around and make money off of. As always in these articles I’ll be showing you real examples from my real business, not some theory or just non-usable information.

To start with you need a way to do a survey. This requires two things.

1) A way to survey people
2) People to survey

Let’s tackle number one first. I love Survey Monkey. I have always used them for my surveys and probably always will. They’re free to …Click here to read more.

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How to Sell Books on Amazon

BooksIn all my work online, I spend a lot of time experimenting with new things. It’s fun for me. Also, only by experimenting can you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. (A lot of things don’t.) One, which I learned recently was how to sell books on Amazon.

Before we get to the details of how to do it let me tell you why you should be interested in selling on Amazon. And although Amazon sells just about everything, we will focus on selling books. That’s what made Amazon famous and that is I’ll tell you how to create here.

The Benefits of Amazon Book Publishing

1. Amazon is a huge search engine of …click to read more

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6 Steps to Better Youtube Videos

YoutubeYoutube is a great place to get traffic from. Lest you think people only watch videos of cats playing the piano or people hurting themselves, and in general acting a fool let me tell you that you can certainly profit by using youtube. I have made sales immediately after someone watches one of my youtube videos.

Of course, in order to do that you do need to do a number of things. …click to read more

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How to Setup a Blog

In my last post I taught you how to build a website. But the fact is these days it’s easier than that if you know how to setup a blog. Once you have a blog setup and running, with a little customization, you have a great looking and well running machine.

When I got started online blogs were well known but still not as popular as today. Back then blogs where used as blogs, not for everything which they can be used for today, using custom themes and more. …click to continue reading.

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Learn How to Build a Website

When it comes to being online there seems to be two different types of people. Those that know there way around complex programming and those that can send email, browse a website and not much more.

I encourage you to become a third type. Someone who can setup their own website or blog and run it, even without having a knowledge of how to use html, css or anything like that. While there are …click to continue reading.

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My Resource List

Resource ListI love gadgets. I love technology. It’s simply amazing what they can do for us.

In running an online business you’re going to have to use a wide variety of websites, software and other tools to do the vast majority of what you want to get done.

I’m always on the lookout for something that can accomplish a task, something that can do it better, or something that is free and effective. Over my years online I’ve compiled a list.

This is my Resource List.

I was thinking about …click to continue reading.

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