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How to Triple Your Learning Speed

We are in the information age. At the reach of your fingertips is worldwide access to information on any topic you desire. This is a time unlike any other in history.

And this can be both a benefit and a curse.

With so much information, it is easy to fall into overwhelm. Or get paralyzed, never taking any action, because you stay in research mode. But this potential dark side of information access is manageable, though not the topic of this report.

3D How to Triple Your Learning Speed

Assuming you can manage that well, that leaves the upside even brighter. We can reap the benefits of having so much available. And when you add in the methods covered in these pages they’ll help you to accelerate your learning even more.

It is through massive learning that I have built my business, become strong and healthy, and developed a wide range of skills. Learning is the foundation on which on my success is built. And if you’d like to be successful, whatever that means to you, you’ll need to learn some things along the way.

As the saying goes, “School is never out for the pro.” Let’s just hope that your schooling didn’t beat the love of learning out of you. The process can be fun, rewarding, and as you’ll come to find, it can be done a lot more efficiently than what the average person does.

Even when you cut away the un-essentials, you may realize you still have a full plate with all that you’d like to learn and act upon.

This special report is about accelerating the rate at which that information enters your mind. The good news is that with some skills, some patience and some cool technologies you can do this with books, audios and videos; all the main means by which people learn.

So begins the introduction to this quick special report. If you’d like all the details, including the many technologies that allow this to happen, signup on the sidebar to the right or down below.

How to Generate Lots of Writing Ideas

In my previous post, I mentioned a long list of topics that I plan to write about here.

But a topic does not necessarily help you to write a blog post (or whatever else you’re writing). A topic is great for a book, but even then you’ll have to narrow it down in order to come up with a structure.

Topics need to be narrowed down. So as I set out today to write the second blog post here I had to come up with more specific ideas.

I’m a huge proponent of Trello. I use it for managing projects and my various teams…but I also use it for managing myself. A Trello board makes a great place to capture ideas.

I created a new board called LC Ideas, and I dropped that laundry list of topics into one column titled Topics.

Then I created a second column for Ideas.

Trello Writing Ideas List

Some people think that coming up with ideas is hard. I beg to differ. Anyone that can’t come up with ideas, just hasn’t practiced it enough. In fact, ideas are easy. Ideas don’t stop coming. And I don’t think you need to be particular creative in order for that to be true, just practiced.

An idea I heard about from James Altucher is to think of ten ideas about some topic, and do this as an exercise each day. Usually the first five or six ideas are easy, but you need to stretch for the final few. 

It’s a really good exercise. I could go down each of my topics in turn and generate ten specific post ideas for each one.

But I didn’t do that here…at least not yet.

Just looking at the list, I started to come up with specific ideas.

Now, to be honest some of the things came up could be topics in and of themselves, or at least a multi-part series of posts. Still, some were very specific posts in my ind.

On my 12th idea I happened on this one, i.e. what became this post. Why not share exactly what I’m doing? And so I did.

Here’s the great thing about Trello. I’ll be continuing to use this board for some time now. Any time a great idea pops into my head about something to write here, I’ll save it in this spot.