How to Learn Better

Stack of BooksEveryone learns. But do you ever really learn how to learn?

If you are reading this site you are here to learn productivity tips and to learn to make money online.

I’m sure this isn’t the only site you visit. There are tons of other places you go out and seek information.

The question to ask yourself is: What if you accelerated your learning abilities?

The ability to process more information. The ability to retain and recall more of that information. Could that possibly result in a better life? I think so.

I love to learn. I am always buying books, courses, DVD’s, and going to seminars to learn more. In fact, I cannot stop (is there an IA – Information-aholics Anonymous?)

But what if I sought to understand how to learn better? That way I could…

1. Learn more in volume by learning how to learn faster.

2. Retain more information which would require less re-learning.

In this day and age this is a must. Its even more important if you do what I do as an information marketer.

In order to be on the top you must stay on top of all the current information. With as fast as information is produced these days that takes a lot of work. There is no way you can absorb everything unless you are in the smallest of niches, but you can cover lots of ground.

Those on the top are always learning and studying more. If they don’t they won’t be on the top long. For anyone who wants to get good at something you must immerse yourself in it. By doing so you can become an expert fast.

And what do you do when you need to create a product? In any case, how much of that information is stuff you actually came up with? Through your own experimenting and trial? Hopefully some. But the majority of the information is going to be learned from others.

You don’t want to plagiarize or plain steal from other people. But you’re going to learn from a wide range of sources. You take that information and add your own spin on it. Or compile it in a different, more usable form. Or take it and apply it to a sub-niche.

These are all ways to make something your own. There is the old saying of standing on the shoulders of giants, that is to say starting from what is learned by those before you. There is no reason to start from scratch.

Instead learn and absorb everything you can from a subject. Apply it and find out what is theory and what actually works. Experiment to find new and better ways. When you’ve done all of the above you will be enough of an expert in that subject matter that people will pay to learn from you. You can then monetize your knowledge with a product or consulting.

As an example, in a recent book I publish 101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health I did just this. Nothing in there is new information to the world (yet it may be new to you). Each step is something I have done in the past after learning it. And there are probably as many people who taught me the various tips, as there are tips. I collected a few tips from one person, maybe a single tip from another, and so on, with much overlap.

But the way it is formatted is what is unique. It pulls information from all areas of health, not just breathing tips, not just nutrition tips, not just mental tips. But all those and more. And each in a bite-sized chunk without any fluff. As opposed to a textbook this can be read in one sitting and the lessons applied immediately.

In today’s information age and economy there is no better way to come out on top.

Logan Christopher

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