Learn How to Make Money on the Internet

how to make money onlineWant to learn how to make money on the internet? There are tons of ways to make money online and below you’ll find many.

Sell a Book
You can write the book yourself, find an old one in the public domain, hire a ghost writer or a number of other ways to create the book. Then you can sell it on your own online or through a number of services like Lulu or Amazon. (I’ll have an article up soon on how to sell your book on Amazon. It’s easier than you think.)

Sell a CD
Record yourself talking or interview another person. Record a Teleseminar. Or take the audio off of a video. You now have a recording which you can sell in a variety of ways.

Sell a DVD
Videos have some of the highest perceived value. All you need is a camera and a something to shoot. Use screen capture software you don’t even need the camera. Just record what you want on your computer. Edit the video and slap it on a DVD. Once again you can sell this many ways.

Sell a Home Study Course
To create something high-priced and high value you can combine some or all of the above. It’s also great to include templates, worksheets and the like. Make a big box of stuff (all high value of course) and you can get a great price for it. This works in just about every market.

Sell Electrons
This one is a bit of a joke, but it is very much true. Any of the above can be sold in an electronic format. Ebooks, audio mp3’s, and online video, it’s all good. Easy to deliver and cuts your costs down.

Sell Physical Goods
Maybe the information products aren’t something you’re into. Then you can try any number of hard goods. This can be a huge range of things. Not only do I sell information products but various training tools too.

Sell a Membership
Take any of the above content and break it down into monthly chunks. Often delivered online these days, and included with other benefits like private forums, discounts and members only deals. The great part about this is that you get paid over and over again.

Sell a Newsletter
A newsletter is similar to the membership model except that it’s a real paper and ink newsletter that goes out usually on a monthly basis. Similar things are often done with CD’s and DVD’s. If you have people that want to hear from you often and great value you can consistently provide this is a way to go.

Sell a Service
You don’t have to give someone anything tangible to make money. You can sell your time often in the form of coaching or consulting. Depending on how valuable that can be to another person you can make big money from this.

Sell a Seminar or Workshop
Nothing takes the place of getting together and meeting people. Get them to come to you to learn in an interactive environment often over a few days. And from this more can be sold on stage and then you can sell the videos from the event.

Do Work for Other People
Just look at all the outsourcing and hiring sites out there. If you have skills other people are willing to pay for them. Not necessarily the best payoff but there are creative ways to make it work well.

Make Affiliate Sales
Don’t have anything of your own to sell? There is a ton out there of all of the above and you can make money just by being the one that gets someone else to buy. From CPA deals, banner advertising to writing a review you can make lots of money here.

Sell Advertising Space
If you have lots of people that come to your website others will pay to have those eyeballs see them. How much you can get will be dependent on the quality and quantity of your traffic.

Sell Websites
Websites are basically virtual real estate. Some are worth mind boggling amounts of money. Others are next to worthless and there is everything in between. If you have something valuable it can be sold. Many people even engage in flipping websites.

And this list is by no means complete. You want to get good at one or, better yet, many of these things. Diversify in that you have many income streams coming in, but be sure to focus enough to do well enough in one area.

I hope this article has got your ideas flowing on how you to can make money on the internet.

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