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check for surveysIn this article I want to give you the best ideas on online product surveys, that is how to collect data from people, that you can then turn around and make money off of. As always in these articles I’ll be showing you real examples from my real business, not some theory or just non-usable information.

To start with you need a way to do a survey. This requires two things.

1) A way to survey people
2) People to survey

Let’s tackle number one first. I love Survey Monkey. I have always used them for my surveys and probably always will. They’re free to get started with though you may need to upgrade to a paid version if you have over 100 responses or want to use advanced features like question logic and stuff like that.

But for most people you can get by with the free version just fine.

Secondly, you need people to survey. This is where the almighty email list comes in. Usually when I survey I send one email out and then get more then enough replies. Even if you’re just starting out the survey is great. You don’t need many people to get you started with business directing and money making info.

Even if you don’t have an email list you’ll still probably be able to get more then enough replies with facebook or twitter.

Why do Online Surveys?

Surveys give you valuable data. You can collect demographic and psychographic information on your target market, thus allowing you to market to them better. I’ve done this in the past and its helpful to know.

But my primary focus has and will remain doing online product surveys. Basically this boils down to asking people what they want me to create to sell to them.

Since the same people will be answering as you’ll be selling too, its a valuable way to gather information. The truth is we often THINK we have a great idea, only to create it and see it fizzle. Trust me I’ve done it. But if you use survey results that will not happen.

How to create a good survey?

These are the key points in a good survey I’ve learned since beginning my business.

Keep the surveys short. At the very most do ten questions. Best to keep it under five. And the simpler the questions are the better. Multiple choice, rating scale or yes or no is best.

If you have a 100 question or 10 page survey you better give them some great incentive for filling it out. Even then its hard to do. But if it literally takes 1-3 minutes a majority of people will help you out just by asking them online.

In addition to the multiple choice answers I’ll often add a box with other so they can type in text. You get a lot of weird stuff sometimes, but occasionally you get a gem, something that you didn’t think of before.

What to ask?

Here is an example from my latest survey.

online product survey

Some money making data from my most recent survey

I asked specifically what products they’d like to see. Some were exact titles and others were basic ideas for products. (Surveys are a great way to pick names so you’re not just shooting in the dark).

Can you guess what two of my next products will be? One is already outlined, ready to be shot. The other will take more work but not much. If people say this is what I want then you will make more money then if they say no I don’t want that.

As a reverse example I had plans for a lot more in the Superman Foods line, but I’m going to be putting that on the back burner as it was the dog is this bunch. Part of me thinks its because I wasn’t clear what this would be, but its also probably from lack of interest. Later on I can tweak names and ideas until I do find how to make those ideas into winners.

Other products questions can include if people are seeing you branch out. In this survey I asked about supplements and training equipment. The results were very interesting.

Sometimes there are specific directions I’d like to go and I survey to find the ways to get there. Other times I throw something on there just to see if it sticks. And a survey can then take your business in a new direction.

You can ask questions about workshops or coaching. If you have a specific product ask about names, features or what benefits they’d like best. Really anything that comes to mind.

I will caution you that while you can ask about pricing, the results can be misleading. What people say they’ll spend, versus what they actually do or don’t are two different things. So I tend to not ask about these areas anymore.

To sum up here is what you do:

  • Ask people to help you with a survey
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Ask what they want to see…then deliver it!

That in a nutshell is how to easily gather valuable market data with easy online product surveys.

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