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How to Hold a Workshop

Logan ChristopherAs an entrepreneur you are constantly venturing out into new waters. It can be exciting and scary at the same time. The potential to win big is there, but you may also crash and burn. This just occurred for me over the past weekend when I learned how to hold a workshop and then went out and did it.

First off let’s define what a workshop is and how this differs from a seminar. …click to continue reading.

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Why I Started This Site

My entire focus online has been working to help people in different areas of physical culture. From hand balancing and acrobatics to bodyweight exercises, kettlebells and feats of strength. Even when I partnered up with someone else the focus was the same.

I started all these sites because they were something I was interested in, something I was good at, and something I could teach other people.

Along the way, in order to make these websites successful, I had to …click to continue reading.

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