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My Newest Continuity Course

In this article I’m going to talk about my newest continuity course. For details on what came before see last weeks article.

I wanted to create a new continuity income source for myself. I looked at the income coming in from my websites and product sales and figured this would be one of the best things to do to increase my income, as well as make it more stable.

Looking back I analyzed what had worked and what didn’t.

#1 – Continuity to Create Products

Previously I used continuity to create new products that I continued to sell one-off after that time. One of my strengths is in being prolific. It is this that has helped me become as successful as I am. While other people build one or a few things and then keep working at traffic and conversions that’s not my strongest suit.

#2 – Physical and Digital Versions

Both a physical and digital offering. I wanted to have some physical form because I knew about half of my customers would as well. Figuring out how to do this became part of the challenge. I knew it would be a little tougher to set this all up but it would allow me to please more people. Those in other countries wouldn’t have to pay big shipping charges, but those that didn’t mind could easily get their hands one something physical. As mentioned before seeing something arrive in the mail is better for keeping members long term.

#3 – Wide Net on What to Cover

Every previous continuity I did was too focused on one topic. I wanted to create something that I could do for all of the foreseeable future. Thus it needed to be broad. What I wanted was something where I could cover any training information, any health topic, and mental training. Thus the purpose was to get better but there would be many paths to get there. This would be the most fun for me as I wouldn’t be pigeon-holed and it would allow me to experiment more openly.

#4 – Primary Focus

Besides running out of what to cover I didn’t have any runaway successes in my memberships. Nothing got enough members to the point where I could focus almost solely on that. Thus for this I wanted to reverse it, and create something that would be the primary thing I would sell and try to get people into. As you’ll see in the survey I sent out I was even looking at pulling out all the stops to make this the one and only thing I did.

The Survey that Started It All

The vision of what I wanted to create was starting to take form. This was back in July this year, mostly during the NLP Master Practitioner Course I was attending. The idea may started there after doing a powerful drill.

I knew I wanted to create something that covered all the different things I did in training, health and the mental side. I also new I wanted to create a big continuity that was actually worth doing.

I though about taking ALL of my courses and giving access to them all for my members. As excited as I was about the idea I knew that I am not necessarily my customer. I sent out a survey (using Survey Monkey) to my list with several questions all about this.

To do this I wanted a fair price for it. This would literally be $1000’s worth of my old stuff, with new course coming out regularly too. In looking at what people said they’d be willing to pay it didn’t look like it would work out. The numbers just didn’t fit.

So I went back to the drawing board…

Logistics the Program

I scrapped that idea about giving them everything but still knew that I was onto something. I came up with the idea of writing a newsletter each month, that would really be closer to a book each month. This was something I could easily sell in both physical and digital form.

Along with this would be videos (and probably audios at some point as well). Creating DVD’s would be a little trickier and then jack up the cost of the program to deliver for those who wanted the physical option. In the end I decided only the book would be physical and in either case people would download the videos.

Part of this stems from my personal preferences. I watch videos on my computer regardless of whether it’s a DVD or a download. But I like to read a book physically.

So with this program there would be no membership site. If you bought the digital program you received an email with your download. If you got the physical, the book would show up at your door. Within the book is a page linking to a password protected webpage where you can grab your downloads.

To me this handled want I wanted to offer and made it low hassle for me. I have the newsletter (actually a book) printed up through Createspace. This is on demand and I have them ship it directly to customers.

No membership site, no complicated order fulfillment, but I still get to offer a physical and digital version.

Members would get most of my new courses all through this. But the old stuff would still be for sale as is. And I would then re-package the new courses and sell them standalone as well.

So I get to create lots of new stuff and I would be paid upfront for it by my members. They’d end up paying less than I’d release the programs for to the general public (plus get stuff I didn’t release to the general public) so it was win-win.

Content of the Program

I decided on the name Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle. I put this and a couple of other ideas into the survey and this one came out as the winner. In addition to sounding pretty cool, in a few words it tells what this membership is about.


Some people didn’t like the term inner circle as in some ways it has been over-played by marketers. But to me this is really what it was. Inside you get to see what I’m experimenting with. It is being on the inside, because I don‘t share everything (especially the more “out there“ stuff I do) to everyone. You kind of need training to understand some of the stuff I do. And as a member you get it.

To start it off with I knew I needed to give people a foundation. This foundation would set them up to understand all the more advanced stuff I covered in the following months, and serve to indoctrinate them towards how and why I do the things I do.

Thus I decided to put together “My System” which would serve as this foundation. I would lay out all the guiding principles here. This will later serve as the bonus that everyone gets when they sign up. Thus it was a new product that would serve as the quick start for people coming on board.

In the end its about a 50 page book along with almost 3 hours of video. Lots of value for a low price.

In Part 3 of this series I’m going to share with you all about the launch.

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