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Launching My New Membership

If you haven’t already make sure you read the earlier parts in this series, why having continuity is  a great idea plus my earlier memberships and the foundation of the program I’m going to show you how I launched here.

Optimize Press 2.0

I’m a huge fan of Optimize Press. This paid wordpress theme is the best thing to easily create squeeze pages, sales letters, launch pages and membership sites. It can also be used for blogs although that is not its main strength. Basically it turns a wordpress blog into sales funnels. I’d been using the original version for years and they had just released version 2.0 which I bought.


For my new website I decided this would be the first time to use it. There was a little bit of a learning curve as it is quite different in some ways over the old version. The main thing I worked with was their PageBuilder which is even more user friendly than normally setting up a blog page.

I got feedback from several people as I crafted the sales letter. They all said the design was great which was good to hear as I spent more time than usual trying to make this more graphically appealing. It was also mobile responsive meaning people could view it easily on mobile devices as well.Click here to see the sales page.

Confusion with Buying Options?

Because I wanted to get money upfront I wanted to offer a yearly option on top of the monthly one. Typically with a year people will pay 10 times the monthly cost and thus get two months for free. This means you just multiply your monthly price by 10 and you have the yearly price. I knew my best customers would jump at this option because they already loved my stuff and they’d love to get it at a discount.

Since I was offering both digital and physical options this would become a total of four options. I was told this might be confusing. So instead of offering the yearly option up front I turned it into a one click upsell after they had signed up. The confused mind says no so you don’t want to confuse your prospects.

(On a side note, just cause I didn’t want to setup many different funnels in a more recent launch for the Kettlebell Workshop Videos, we actually had 6 options! I think these were setup in a way as to be as least confusing as possible. But since we didn’t test its hard to say. What I can tell you is that a majority of people took the package deal options most in digital but a lot in physical as well. In comparison very few people got just one video.)

Taking a cue from Predictably Irrational I now setup three options, digital, physical and digital + physical together. This price structure can be used to skew people towards one option over another (even though physical and digital + physical are actually the same option).

But these had different upsell funnels so the digital people would be offered a digital year and the physical would get a physical year.

To help bump response I also offered an additional book for free to those who paid for a year upfront. Bonuses always help you sell more.

As a test I put in a downsell of 6 months for the cost of five for those that didn’t take the year. A few people took this option which meant I made more money upfront than if I hadn’t.

All options, monthly, 6 month and yearly are recurring, meaning that people will automatically be rebilled. This is continuity income.

My Goal was 100 Members

I decided not to do a standard product launch funnel for this launch which would have involved several videos leading up to the launch. Instead I crafted an email sequence to do the same.

In the end I didn’t even use this. I only used a few pre-launch emails and then lots of them during the launch continuing to make the offer. I’ll discuss using more of what I wrote in the next section.

The offer was for a charter membership that was cheaper than I’d ever offer this course again. And I am going to stand by that 100%. After the launch everything went up by $5 in price. In the future I’ll raise it even more. But everyone that joined and stays a member will be grandfathered in at this price and not have to pay more in the future.

The scarcity involved was that only 100 people could get in at this price. That was my goal and what I wanted to hit for this launch that occurred just to my own list. I made it double scarcity by having a deadline as well. Whichever came first would cause the price raise.

In the end I got 70 something people so I was fairly close.

Continuing Sales

My idea for this wasn’t just to get people in at the beginning, but instead to make this my primary offer that I’m driving people too. Right now I’ve got three methods of doing this.

The reason I didn’t use the email sequence mentioned earlier, is because I’m going to make this the first thing people see when they sign up on my autoresponder. Thus this will become an evergreen offer and the first offer people will get who join my email list.

There’s a peculiar thing with Aweber, the email service I use. When you modify an autoresponder and the follow-up messages in it, it sends it out to all the people on your list. Thus I decided to wait to put this in since it used some of the emails I had sent out recently and I’ll be setting that up shortly.

And now everyone that signs up on Legendary Strength for my free emails will get this offer. By doing this I’ll be getting new members regularly.

Secondly, I’ve setup the Inner Circle as an upsell for everyone of my products. Thus when someone buys any of my courses from my website they’ll get an offer to join there.

And the final method is to do a mini-launch around each new issue. I’ll be blasting out to my email list why they absolutely should grab the newest issue and details about what is in it. Since my second issue just came out I did this and got a few new members.

Coupled with the fact that I’ve seen very little drop off (people canceling) this will continue to grow bigger and bigger.

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Scarcity Samurai Review

Here is my Scarcity Samurai Review. I was lucky enough to get into it a beta-tester. Right away I installed it and set it up.

If you’ve been watching my other sites you may have even seen it in action. I quickly threw it on the SteveJusta.com site for his new Isometric videos and the mini-launch we were doing.

There was always a deadline, but a little bit of text near the end of the sales message didn’t properly convey that message.

Once Scarcity Samurai was setup, no matter where they were on the page, they new time was limited.

(I will say this which could be a drawback. On mobile devices the banner is still there, and it took up almost half the screen in my iphone. But I could see this actually helping if you made the banner clickable, which you can.)

You’ll notice that on their sales page. The add to cart button has been added to the banner and by clicking on it you’ll go straight to the order form.

Scarcity Banner

Back to this launch I was running. Deadlines always get people to move. The more reminders you have the better.

Sales continued to pour in every single day right up to the last hour.

So that was great. Put that’s not the true power of Scarcity Samurai. Countdown timers on launches have been done before right?

But what if you can take your offer and make it scarce and evergreen at the same time? That is what this plugin was built for.

Scarcity Samurai Dashboard

Inside the Scarcity Samurai Dashboard where you can setup a single page or multi-page funnel.

I had an idea for a self-liquidating offer that I’m going to be running advertising to, allowing people to get one of my better selling products at an even cheaper price.

With Scarcity Samurai I can do just that, and make it a truly limited time deal.

(Funny story. I was trying to show what it looked like to some of my mastermind buddies but I couldn’t get to the page it was on, since the time had ran out and it  automatically re-directed me just like I had set it up to do. I had to find a work-around to show them on a different page as I couldn’t access that page again at all since time had expired.)

I won’t tell you what this site is right now. Perhaps I’ll reveal it after testing it out for awhile.

But I will give you an idea of the funnel.

Advertising => Squeeze page => Offer page with Scarcity Samurai => Autoresponder messages with content pointing them back to Offer page

That simple and really easy to setup using Optimize Press and this new plugin.

I hope you enjoyed an overview of how I’ve already been using this great new tool in just a short time. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about it in the future so do yourself a favor and pick it up now at the discounted one-time price.

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