Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

People at a ConferenceI’ve been to a lot of them. Various aspects of strength training and fitness including certification programs.

I’ve been to an equal number of business events, learning more about online and offline marketing and every other aspect of building a business.

Then there are those on health and nutrition. Even one recently on mental training (which you may not even believe the material there!)

This coming up weekend will mark my sixth event of this nature this year…unless I lost count. For some that may be a lot. For others that may just be a monthly plan. For me its about right.

I like these kind of events. There is no better place to learn than hands on. I wrote about this recently on how to hold a workshop after putting on my own first small event.

Since attending my first seminar many years ago I’ve learned a lot of things about maximizing the event.

How to Make the Most of an Event

This is what I use to do and sadly this is what most people do. They go into an event not knowing what to expect. To just get carried away by what happens.

There is something nice about this. Just let things go and see what happens. Sometimes you have to surrender and just go along with the ride.

But at least if you’re interested in growing your business you should take a more proactive stance.

Effective Networking

The greatest part of events is the networking. The truth is the bigger you and your business are, the better the networking possibilities become. That’s why the average person signs up for the presentations, while the big dogs sign up for the networking.

After all it only takes one person to change your life.

And if you want to maximize your opportunities you need to go in with a plan.

You know who the speakers are. You may even know who some of the other attendees are. The question is are you going to let them speak from the stage or just pass you by in the hallway? Or are you going to meet them, ask them questions, and even leave a favorable impression?

One book that opened my eyes in this regard is Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi who is one of the best out there when it comes to this kind of thing. I highly recommend reading it.

Instead of trying to meet everyone (which is impossible unless it’s a tiny event) focus on actually building a relationship with one to a few people (dependent on the length of the event).

How can you meet them? At what point in the event? Where? And have you done your homework so that you can talk to them about something significant to them?

Learning from the Event

Besides the networking you do have the presentations. If it’s a crappy event they’ll be boring or nothing more than sales pitches. If it’s a great event they’ll be well worth listening too.

Again you should have a plan. What are you seeking to learn? Do you have questions that need answers? Who is going to be the best source of information that you need?

If you have an online business and would like to get pictures (or even a short video interview) how will you go about it? The worst thing you can do, and a mistake I have finally learned from, is to wait until the end of the event to get anything important done. You don’t know when people have to leave or if they are busy then so do it early.

Each time I attend a seminar, workshop or conference I feel better prepared to make the most out of the event.

What Can You Accomplish?

The Longevity Now Conference I am attending this coming up weekend is the second time I’ve attended this event.

After last time I learned a lot of information, some of which was used in a book I wrote and in another product I created. This time I expect to learn more that can be added to a new version of that product.

I built a few relationships which led to interviews used in the above product. I plan to build those relationships I already have as well as build new ones.

I found many great products I could promote as an affiliate. Doing so has netted me a decent amount of money.

This time I have a goal to make an impression in meeting a certain individual. He happens to be one of the bigger guys there so it won’t be easy but it can be done (as long as I don’t try to wait to the last second).

All this on top of just enriching my own life with the information and having a great time.

I hope this helps you get more out of the next event you attend.

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