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How I Increased My Productivity by At Least 70% Part 2

For years now I’ve used a Planner Pad. A large majority of the people I end up telling about it, end up buying their own. It’s a great tool and I would be lost without it.

The great thing about the Planner Pad that sets it apart from most planners is in its structure. You see most planners are based around the hours of the day. The planner pad has that as well, but that is just one of three sections.

planner pad

The top section is for your projects in the week. The middle section is the projects for you day.

Each week I fill out all my projects so I know what I’m doing during the week. I fill in any time based appointments I have as well. Then each day, the night before I schedule out my day.

Like I said I’ve been doing this for years. This made me productive but its not the big change I recently made.

The big change was to stop thinking in terms of projects and to begin thinking in terms of activities.

With a project like launching a course there are going to be lots of things you need to do. Let’s say it’s a video and written course. Here are some of the activities involved.

  • Outline project
  • Write material
  • Film video
  • Edit video
  • Get artwork made up
  • Write sales letter
  • Create web page and setup order links
  • Promotional emails
  • Create download links
  • Create physical product

I probably missed a couple steps (and could break those down into more steps too) but that will give you an idea.

Earlier I would write a project at the top of my planner pad and list those things. Then I would try to focus on a project each day. It worked to some degree.

But now I switched to activity focus. Right now my activities fit into the following categories.

  • Writing
  • Video production
  • Advertising
  • Operations (a catch-all category for everything else)

I’ve been working and tweaking these over the past couple weeks but this is basically what its come down too.

Then I take all my projects and break up the steps into these categories.

  • Outline project (writing)
  • Write material (writing)
  • Film video (video)
  • Edit video (video)
  • Get artwork made up (operations – outsourced)
  • Write sales letter (writing)
  • Create web page and setup order links (operations)
  • Writing promotional emails (writing)
  • Setting up promo emails to go out (operations)
  • Create download links (operations)
  • Create physical product (operations)

So you can see how I break up my time. You’ll notice that none of these fall into advertising. That was another Frog that I tended not to eat, always putting it off, as I focused on these other projects. But since making this switch I’ve regularly been running ads, testing and tweaking pages for conversions, etc.

There is a time to go Demon State and do a project from start to finish all at once. I can always choose that as an option when needed or in an emergency arises.

But by organizing my time into activities I am getting far more done. This is because I know the activity to do, and there is much less of “should I do this or that”. Writing starts my day followed by working on advertising. Then I usually workout and do video and operations after that.

Give this method a try and let me know how it goes for you.

Also let me know if you’d like to hear more of the steps and details I use to be productive. If you do I’ll create more articles for you.

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