Are You Becoming Better or Worse?


Where the term coach originally came from.

I choose better. What about you?

This is an important questions that not many people ask.

Let’s look at a big area that many people talk about. Are you happy? Some will say yes. Others will say no.

If you’re in the second group the question then is what are you doing about it?

And what prevents you from being happy in the moment, while working to better yourself or your situation?

If you are happy, then I’m happy for you. 🙂

Now I ask are you complacent?

You can be happy with what you have and still seek even more. That’s where I see myself.

Here is the truth. You’re either …click to read more

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Make Money Publishing On Kindle

Amazon KindleThis article is all about making money publishing on kindle. Can you do it? Absolutely and in a minute I’m going to show you proof.

I got started with Kindle as a simple test. When you’re in the internet marketing space you’re always hearing about what other people are doing and you have to try out new things. Some of them fail. But some work.

In fact that’s how I got started with publishing books on Amazon in the first place using Createspace. I decided to throw a couple books up on there. They sold. I made a few dollars so I continued to do it. As it grew I gained more profit and have worked on expanding what I was doing there.

Kindle was the same thing. I don’t even own a kindle and I much prefer physical books. But I’m not the market. So I took those …click to read more

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Physical vs. Digital Products

blank book

Your physical or digital info product?

The physical vs. digital product debate is very important when it comes to your information marketing business. We sell information, but how is that delivered?

There are a number of ways you can deliver your product. Before we talk about physical vs. digital we need to talk about the main types of product.

There are text based products.

There are audio based products.

And there are video based products.

These are the mainstays for the information marketing business. Sure there are other things like mind maps, but that would fit into the text based area.

Another area is …click to read more

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Make Money with Public Domain

Part of me doesn’t want to write this article. I make money with public domain books. A good amount of money. In fact, I don’t know if I ever would have started my business without it. It certainly wouldn’t have the success it’s had without it. So that part of me is worried Ill be creating more competition for myself.

But the truth is the public domain works are out there, literally free for the taking. I have 6 different products that regularly sell (some better then others) that are either completely based on public domain works or at least in part.

Then I have a growing side business in releasing many, many more …click to read more

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Start Your Own Information Marketing Business

infoDo you want to start your own information marketing business? It’s probably not so much that, but you wan the benefits this kind of business can bring.

There are promises of big wealth and not having to work at all once it’s setup…Well, I’m going to tell you the truth. While it is possible, by just about anyone, it isn’t easy, it isn’t fast, and while there is some degree of automation, it’s far from complete, depending on what you do.

Still when you start your own information marketing business and get it up and running you’ll likely go through a number of different stages. These too depend on what you’re going after and what you’re doing.

If Dan Kennedy started a new info-business today he wouldn’t have to go through these stages, because of his assets in place he could immediately make a huge success.

But for the average person they’re looking to …click to read more.

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Money DOES Grow On Trees

Money TreeWhen you were a child did your parents ever tell you “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? I heard it many, many times. Thanks for the negative conditioning 🙁

At this point in my life I believe they are wrong. Money DOES grow on trees and in this article I aim to give you a few examples.

First of all, and this one was obvious to me even as a child, money is printed on paper (at least a lot of it is). What is paper made of? I’m sure they have a wide variety of chemicals, and possibly things I don‘t know about, but the vast majority of it still comes from trees, or perhaps recycled paper that once was a tree. Yes, it’s a logical jump but it’s true and it makes sense doesn’t it?

The other day I was at the …click to read more.

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Online Product Surveys

check for surveysIn this article I want to give you the best ideas on online product surveys, that is how to collect data from people, that you can then turn around and make money off of. As always in these articles I’ll be showing you real examples from my real business, not some theory or just non-usable information.

To start with you need a way to do a survey. This requires two things.

1) A way to survey people
2) People to survey

Let’s tackle number one first. I love Survey Monkey. I have always used them for my surveys and probably always will. They’re free to …Click here to read more.

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Best Productivity Tips

feel like email is dragging you downI’ve known about these two productivity tips for a long time. But the fact is knowing something and doing it is the difference between winners and losers.

My guess is that you already know you should do these things too. But the question is do you do them?

By putting these tips into action this last week alone I was able to finish editing videos from a workshop and getting them setup online. These videos had been doing nothing more than collecting digital dust on my hard drive for some time. …click to read more.

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How to Sell Books on Amazon

BooksIn all my work online, I spend a lot of time experimenting with new things. It’s fun for me. Also, only by experimenting can you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. (A lot of things don’t.) One, which I learned recently was how to sell books on Amazon.

Before we get to the details of how to do it let me tell you why you should be interested in selling on Amazon. And although Amazon sells just about everything, we will focus on selling books. That’s what made Amazon famous and that is I’ll tell you how to create here.

The Benefits of Amazon Book Publishing

1. Amazon is a huge search engine of …click to read more

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Make Money Online with No Investment

Empty WalletOne of the best things about an online business is how little money it takes to get started. The truth is you can get make money online with no investment at all.

Think about what it takes to make money online. If you’ve read some of the free reports you can find on this site, especially The Only Two Ways to Make Money Online, you’ll find more details on this. …click to read more

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