Welcome to LoganChristopher.com

I’ve decided to bring this website back since letting it go dormant from back in 2013.


Quite simply, because I have a lot more to share than just about health and fitness.

If you’re here reading this, chances are it’s because you’re familiar with my work through one of my two other major businesses and websites, LegendaryStrength.com and/or LostEmpireHerbs.com.

At Legendary Strength I discuss all things strength and fitness.

And it was from that platform that we launched what has now become Lost Empire Herbs. I was supporting my own health and performance through a number of ways, one of which was the use of tonic herbalism. The rest, as they say, is history…in the making. There we don’t just talk about herbs, but all things health.

While I love strength and health, and am no ways slowing down in writing and teaching and sharing about those topics, ultimately, I am interested in a lot more.

Long ago, I used LoganChristopher.com as the place to teach people about making money and online marketing. My plan was once I hit the six-figure mark I could start teaching and that’s what I did. I did some coaching with others and have some great success stories. While that will be a piece of what I cover here, it too is only a piece.

The old website as captured from Wayback Machine. I like the new logo a LOT more.

In brainstorming some of the topics and things I’ll be coming up with here I developed the following list:

  1. Book Reviews
  2. Resources
  3. Philosophy
  4. Routines/Habits
  5. Practicing
  6. Journaling
  7. Goals
  8. Happiness
  9. Productivity
  10. Delegation
  11. Finances
  12. NLP
  13. Family
  14. Adventure
  15. Learning
  16. Epiphanies
  17. Success
  18. Business
  19. What’s Wrong with the World
  20. Spirituality
  21. Thinking
  22. Persuasion
  23. Communication
  24. Presenting
  25. Storytelling
  26. Writing
  27. Masculinity
  28. Excellence

In the fitness world, I was given the name “Physical Culture Renaissance Man.” This was because I did a wide variety of things in that world. If it had to do with getting stronger I likely had devoted some time to it. Bodyweight exercise, kettlebells, barbells, modern strongman, oldtime strongman, feats of strength, acrobatics, odd objects, etc.

But my aim was never to be limited to one world. One of my strengths (and I also recognize it is at times a weakness) is that I do lots of different things. Specifically, I excelled in the strength world because I looked for methods outside of it. I took NLP and hypnosis and applied them to it. Now I am one of the top experts in mental training for that purpose. See Mental Muscle for more. I took herbalism and applied it to getting stronger. At the time, no one else was focusing on that. And that grew into Lost Empire.

If you’re familiar with Leonardo Da Vinci, the prototypical renaissance man or polymath, he did a wide variety of things including: invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. That’s a short list from Wikipedia.

And so it is that I do a lot more than just health and fitness. This website is to be a catch-all for anything I want to do outside of those two topics, like the 28 topics above.

Tim Ferriss talks about being a “professional dilettante.” He’s done quite well with that model and I share many similar ideas. It’s not the path for everyone. There is advantage in going deep on a single thing…but what can I say? I get bored easily.

If you want to get good at something than teach it. I have found this maxim to be very true. In fact, I write books and create courses first and foremost for myself. I am the one that gains the most by doing these. The fact that I sell them, help people and make money is a side benefit!

That is why I’m bringing back LoganChristopher.com in an expanded form. By writing posts like these I get better and get to share with the world. Soon enough, this will include books and course on some of these topics as well. (Currently, I have a bunch of ideas and one book on habits at least half way done.)

My initial plan is posting something here once a week or so, but this will change over time. Remember how I said going wide can also be a weakness? Time spent working here is time not available to spend on my other two businesses and websites. So while I made the decision to launch this, as I needed a new platform, it is just a side project. For the time being, it is those other businesses that pay the bills.

But this is only the beginning…

As always, happy to hear your comments, questions and suggestions. Welcome to my expanded world!